Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lasagna Pinwheels

Last night I made Lasagna Pinwheels.  I had made it before when my friend Trish from Idaho came to visit me for a while.  She made these & I helped. You can double the batch & make one & freeze one before you bake it.  I use cottage cheese instead of ricotta.  It is high in protein & it really takes very good.  I have ricotta, but I am saving that for my Lemon Ricotta Cookies.  Well, they are Giada Delaurentiis' cookies.
This is the finished product.  I wasn't feeling well enough to plate it.  I made a mistake & stood my rolls up (you'll see later).  Next time I make it, I will lay the rolls on their side instead of standing them up.  A few fell over.  But they still tasted good!

Ingredients:  Lasagna noodles - cooked with sea salt in the water, 
Cottage cheese (large container)
About 2 cups plus more for topping of mozzarella cheese
 A jar of your favorite spaghetti or  marinara sauce
Pepperoni (I use turkey.  Less fat & a pig didn't have to die)
If you don't have the spices you could omit them no problem

This is the amount of the 3 spices I use.  About a teaspoon each.  But you can mix it & add to taste.  That's how I do it.

I then add about 2 cups of the shredded cheese & stir everything together.

I clean my counter tops (they are sealed) well with warm water  & vinegar.  Then I lay out the noodles while they're still hot spoon & spread on cheese mixture then add pepperoni.  Then I roll them up and lay them in a lasagna pan.

I should have laid them on their sides, but they looked so cute like that!  I made 12 & had enough to make another 4 & throw them in the freezer for a dinner for 2 later.  Add your jar of sauce to top all of the pinwheels.  You may cover with foil (couldn't do it since I stood them up) and bake @ 375 for 20 minutes. Then pull them out, add mozzarella cheese (I used about a cup because we like a lot of cheese).  I also put some Parmesan on top (I found a little in the fridge).  Then pop it back in the oven for another 10 minutes.  If you had foil on them, remove the foil for this step so cheese can melt & crisp a bit.  I served mine with a salad from Costco (of course).
 Even though some of mine fell over, they were delicious!

Reviews:  Hubby said, "This was good, but he didn't love it."
14 year old:  "It was very good."  He ate seconds.  He really liked it.
16 year old:  "A quick that was good."  She ate it right up.


  1. Im gonna try this one for sure.....looks tasty :)

  2. Looks good I will try this too...I got one question though why is it OK for a Turkey to die but not a Pig....just wondering I guess you like Pigs better! Thanks for the recipe!